Fine tune your LLMs with the highest-quality training data

Labelify offers an advanced annotation platform as well as data curation and management solutions to fine-tune top-performing large language models.


Explore our fine-tuning techniques

Improve your existing model’s performance for a specific task by providing it with specialized training. When you do that, the model updates its knowledge and adjusts its internal settings, improving its accuracy and effectiveness for that specific task.

Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF)

Combine human expertise and reinforcement learning algorithms to enhance the learning process of your models. Instead of relying on trial and error, the algorithms receive feedback and guidance from human trainers, which accelerates and enhances the training process.

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Instruction fine-tuning

Instant feedback loop

Question answering

Image captioning


LLM comparison and evaluation

Evaluate the performance of your model on benchmark tasks using predefined metrics and compare its output against human-generated data.

Customize your experience to your use case

Gain a deeper insight into the performance of your project and stay on top of trends with advanced analytics.


Customize your interface

Include only the necessary components in your interface for a more intuitive and user-friendly experience. Tailoring the user interface to your use case’s needs also reduces unnecessary steps and eliminates distractions, boosting productivity.

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Bring your custom API

Connect your model to Labelify through your API and get access to SuperAnnotate’s LLM annotation tool and advanced features seamlessly.

Powerful data insights

Get detailed information on the performance of your annotation team as well as your dataset’s health. Monitor annotation trends, analyze model performance, track annotation time, and more.

Create the right dataset for top-performing models

Find relevant data easily and curate healthy datasets for your models.


Query system

Use queries to filter and visualize relevant parts of your data and manage them more effectively.

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Create subsets of data to train your model on a relevant set of items instead of the whole dataset.

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Approve and disapprove

Approve data that meets project requirements and disapprove data that need to be reviewed and corrected.

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Monitor your team and project performance

Gain a deeper insight into the performance of your team and project and stay on top of trends with advanced analytics.

Hire experts in any field

Hire a specialized annotation workforce to help you deliver high-quality datasets fast for building top-performing large language models. Labelify has vetted and professionally-managed annotators that can tackle even the most challenging use cases.

  • Linguists
  • Medical doctors
  • Finance specialists
  • Developers
  • STEM specialists
  • Master students
  • Lawyers
  • PhD students
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data governance

Advanced data governance and security

Your data governance and security are our uppermost priority. Our platform and services comply with global data governance and security regulations and offer advanced solutions to keep your data safe, whether it’s on your hardware or in the cloud.

Built with quality in mind

Collaboration system

The comment feature involves all stakeholders in the quality review process of the annotations, making collaboration and task distribution more seamless than ever.


Build robust CI/CD pipelines using our toolkit of neural networks, Python SDK, webhooks, and advanced orchestration.


Lay a solid foundation for successful project execution by providing your team with detailed project instructions.

Explore more features

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Annotation software

Create top-quality training data across all data types.

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Annotation services

Access a global marketplace of 3000+ vetted annotator experts.

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Project management

Manage the performance of projects, annotators, and annotation QAs.