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Grow your AI and automation portfolio by adding a scalable human-in-the-loop solution.

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Partnering to deliver quality data

Quality training data is key to the success of your clients’ AI and ML projects. As a Labelify partner, you can offer your clients our highly trained, expertly managed workforce to provide the quality data they need to train and sustain their models. Through our quality assurance workflows, we continually monitor data accuracy and provide feedback to improve data quality.

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Why partner with us

Longevity and client satisfaction: Delivering high-quality training data to AI/ML clients since 2010; NPS of 62.
Industry expertise: In finance, retail, healthcare, geospatial, and autonomous vehicles.
Large, experienced talent pool: A global workforce of 3,000+ data annotators; 35M+ project hours delivered.
Analyst screening: For character, skill, tech-savvy, and cultural awareness.
Project management: Each project is guided by a client success manager and delivery team lead.
Partner support: Dedicated channel manager focused on enablement, business planning, and co-selling.

Kontakta oss

  • How can we help you?
  • What type of partnership are you interested in?


  • Discuss joint opportunities.
  • Discuss how we support and grow your business and client relationships.


Formalize the partnership.

  • Sign an NDA.
  • Sign a referral agreement.


Get trained.

  • Learn about client technical services engagements.
  • Learn about delivery engagement.

Account planning

  • Map out our joint accounts.
  • Build a joint business plan.

Partner Benefits

Alliance partners

We and our alliance partners are ‘better together’ when it comes to identifying joint go-to-market opportunities. Whether you’re offering an AI platform, software, or hardware, you’ll likely benefit by adding a complementary workforce solution. Labelify delivers an agile and trusted managed workforce that scales to your clients’ requirements.

Accelerate your projects with a dedicated workforce and robust workforce management platform.
Get enablement for your sales and technical teams.
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Preferred tool partners

Preferred tool partners

Our data analysts have experience in all major tools as well as in learning highly customized client tools. Using solid tools that perform seamlessly within our platform means greater productivity and higher quality results.

Tap our managed workforce; they have experience with all major tools or can learn your tool quickly.
Take advantage of our referral program.

Consultants and System Integrators

If you’re like most tech service providers, your focus is on providing meaningful consulting and implementation services to your clients. Quality data labeling is a key component of that work, and it requires a highly-skilled, scalable workforce. That’s where Labelify comes in—we’ll be your partner for labeling training data and sustaining models in production.

Offer your clients quality data labeling as part of a larger AI solution.
Take advantage of our referral program.
Register your opportunities to prevent channel conflict.
Consultants and System Integrators