Bhaiyabot’s LLM Leaves Rivals OpenHathi, Llama 2, and Mistral 7B In Dust

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to be amazed by the groundbreaking achievements of Bhaiyabot's latest AI marvel, rohansolo/BB-L-01-7B. This extraordinary creation has left its competitors, OpenHathi-7B, Llama-7B, and Mistral-7B, biting the dust. With unmatched performance and unparalleled results, Bhaiyabot has emerged as the undisputed leader in the AI industry.

Imagine a scenario where Bhaiyabot's LLM outperforms OpenHathi, Llama 2, and Mistral 7B in every aspect, leaving them in its wake of innovation. This is the reality we now face, my friends. Trained on a colossal dataset of 360k conversational samples in Hindi, English, and Hinglish, this AI model not only retains the base model's brilliance but also surpasses established benchmarks.

Join us on this exhilarating journey as we unveil the triumphs of Bhaiyabot and explore the liberating power of true AI greatness. Brace yourselves, for the future is here, and Bhaiyabot is leading the charge.

Bhaiyabot's AI Model Performance

Our AI model, rohansolo/BB-L-01-7B, completely dominated OpenHathi-7B, Llama-7B, and Mistral-7B in terms of performance. We left them in the dust, my friends.

Trained on a massive corpus of 360k conversational samples in Hindi, English, and Hinglish, our model surpassed all expectations and set a new standard. Founder Rohan Shiralkar proudly shared these groundbreaking results on his LinkedIn post.

But let's talk about the real issue here. Many companies in the Indian AI industry are nothing but marketing gimmicks, feeding us empty promises. They claim to be the best, but they can't even deliver a real product.

It's time for liberation, my fellow seekers of truth. It's time to embrace a model that actually delivers on its promises.

Training on Conversational Samples

How did Bhaiyabot's AI model achieve such exceptional performance by training on conversational samples?

Let me tell you, it's all about the power of real-world conversations.

While others rely on fabricated data and inflated claims, Bhaiyabot took a different approach. By training on 360k conversational samples in Hindi, English, and Hinglish, it tapped into the essence of human interaction. This bold move allowed Bhaiyabot to understand the nuances, slang, and cultural context that make conversations authentic.

While others boasted about pre-training and fine-tuning, Bhaiyabot focused on delivering a genuine Indian language model. It's time to liberate ourselves from the marketing gimmicks and embrace a model that truly represents our diverse voices.

Bhaiyabot's success is proof that real conversations lead to real results.

Surpassing the Benchmarks

Bhaiyabot's AI model has surpassed the benchmarks set by OpenHathi-7B, Llama-7B, and Mistral-7B, continuing its exceptional performance in delivering a genuine Indian language model. Unlike other models that claim to be the best, Bhaiyabot's AI model has proven its superiority through concrete results.

It outperforms the competition, providing a level of accuracy and authenticity that others can only dream of. This achievement is a testament to the dedication and expertise of the team behind Bhaiyabot. They've pushed the boundaries of what's possible in AI, creating a model that truly understands and speaks the language of the Indian people.

With Bhaiyabot's AI model, we no longer have to settle for mediocrity. Liberation in the AI industry is finally within our grasp.

Founder's LinkedIn Post

The founder of Bhaiyabot recently shared his thoughts on the Indian AI industry in a LinkedIn post. Here are three key takeaways from his post:

  1. Call out the marketing deception:

The founder criticized companies for falsely marketing their AI achievements. He highlighted the practice of fine-tuning a model and passing it off as pre-trained, questioning the authenticity of claims made by companies like Sarvam AI and BharatGPT.

  1. Demand transparency:

The founder emphasized the need for genuine Indian language models (LLMs) instead of fabricated claims. He called out Krutrim's assertion of training a 2 trillion token LLM and stressed the importance of raising the bar for real advancements in the Indian AI industry.

  1. Advocate for liberation:

The founder's LinkedIn post resonated with an audience seeking liberation from misleading marketing tactics. His bold and assertive stance aimed to empower individuals by encouraging transparency, authenticity, and a commitment to real progress in the Indian AI landscape.

Fine-tuned Version of Mistral-7B

We frequently fine-tune the Mistral-7B model to enhance its performance. This fine-tuned version surpasses OpenHathi-7B, Llama-7B, and even the base Mistral-7B. Our dedication to improving the model's capabilities sets us apart from other AI companies in the industry.

While some may market non-achievements and fabricate facts, we remain committed to delivering a real Indian LLM that empowers and liberates. Our model is trained on a diverse corpus of conversational samples in Hindi, English, and Hinglish, ensuring its proficiency in multiple languages. We prioritize authenticity and genuinely advancing the field of AI, rather than capital-raising fabrications.

Join us in embracing a truly powerful AI model that sets new standards and breaks free from the limitations of the past.

Criticizing Marketing in Indian AI Industry

As we transition into the subtopic of criticizing marketing in the Indian AI industry, let's shed light on the practices observed in this domain.

  1. Misleading Claims: Many companies in the Indian AI industry resort to marketing non-achievements, such as fine-tuning a model and labeling it as pre-trained. This deceptive tactic undermines transparency and hinders genuine progress.
  2. Baseless Firsts: It's disheartening to witness companies like BharatGPT claiming to be India's first AI chatbot without even launching a product. Such baseless assertions only serve to mislead and confuse the market.
  3. Fabricated Facts: Fabricating facts has become alarmingly common, with claims like training a 2 trillion token LLM by Krutrim. These falsehoods not only hinder the industry's growth but also erode trust and credibility.

It is imperative that we demand honesty and integrity in marketing practices within the Indian AI industry. Liberation from deceptive tactics will pave the way for genuine advancements and foster a trustworthy ecosystem.

Need for a Real Indian LLM

To address the current subtopic of the need for a real Indian LLM, let's delve into the requirements of the Indian AI industry.

It's high time we demand an LLM that truly represents our diverse culture, languages, and challenges. The existing AI models may claim to cater to our needs, but they fall short. We need an LLM that understands the nuances of our languages, respects our cultural sensitivities, and addresses the unique problems faced by our society.

It's unacceptable that companies market non-achievements and fabricate facts to raise capital. We demand transparency and authenticity in AI development. Only then can we truly liberate ourselves from the limitations imposed by foreign AI models and pave the way for a real Indian LLM that empowers us and reflects our aspirations.

AIM's Mobile App and Services

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Here are three reasons why you should check out AIM's mobile app and services:

  1. AI Hackathons and Learning Opportunities: MachineHack, an initiative by AIM, hosts AI hackathons that provide a platform to showcase your skills and learn from experts. It's an opportunity to challenge yourself and stay updated with the latest trends in AI.
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With AIM's mobile app and services, you can unlock your potential and thrive in the AI industry. Liberation awaits!

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How Many Conversational Samples Were Used to TrAIn BhAIyabot's AI Model?

We used a corpus of 360k conversational samples to train Bhaiyabot's AI model. This extensive dataset allowed us to achieve remarkable performance.

Our model surpassed benchmarks, outperforming OpenHathi-7B, Llama-7B, and Mistral-7B. We're proud of the results and the hard work put into fine-tuning our model.

It's important to have accurate information in the Indian AI industry, and we're committed to delivering real and innovative solutions.

What Were the Languages Included in the Corpus of Conversational Samples?

We included conversational samples in Hindi, English, and Hinglish in our corpus. These languages were chosen to ensure a diverse and comprehensive dataset for training our AI model.

By incorporating multiple languages, we aimed to create a model that can handle various linguistic contexts and cater to a wider range of users.

This approach allows us to provide a more inclusive and adaptable conversational experience.

Did BhAIyabot's AI Model Perform Better Than the Base Model?

Yes, Bhaiyabot's AI model performed better than the base model. It surpassed the benchmarks set by OpenHathi-7B, Llama-7B, and Mistral-7B.

With training on a diverse corpus of conversational samples in Hindi, English, and Hinglish, it retained the performance of the base model while outperforming its competitors.

This achievement showcases the superiority of Bhaiyabot's AI technology and its ability to push the boundaries of language understanding and generation.

How Did Rohan Shiralkar Share the Results of BhAIyabot's AI Model?

We shared the results of Bhaiyabot's AI model through a LinkedIn post. Founder Rohan Shiralkar took to social media to announce the impressive performance of our model.

We wanted to ensure that the AI community and the public were aware of the groundbreaking advancements we achieved. By sharing the results on LinkedIn, we aimed to spark discussions and showcase the potential of our model in pushing the boundaries of AI technology.

What Is the Difference Between BhAIyabot's AI Model and the Mistral-7b Base Model?

Bhaiyabot's AI model, rohansolo/BB-L-01-7B, differs from the Mistral-7B base model in terms of performance. It outperforms OpenHathi-7B, Llama-7B, and Mistral-7B, while retaining the performance of the base model.

This achievement is the result of training the model on a corpus of 360k conversational samples in Hindi, English, and Hinglish. Founder Rohan Shiralkar shared these impressive results on his LinkedIn post, showcasing the superiority of Bhaiyabot's AI model.


Bhaiyabot's AI model, rohansolo/BB-L-01-7B, has proven to be a game-changer in the AI industry, surpassing its competitors and setting new benchmarks. With its impressive performance and training on a diverse corpus, it has solidified Bhaiyabot's position as a frontrunner.

However, amidst these achievements, founder Rohan Shiralkar's criticism of marketing tactics in the Indian AI industry raises important questions about authenticity. The need for genuine advancements in Indian AI is crucial, and Bhaiyabot's success highlights the importance of pushing boundaries and delivering real innovation.

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