Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing

Our high-quality data labeling solutions help increase the accuracy and efficiency of automation in the manufacturing industry.

Labelify experts extract crucial data from imagery of vision based sensors, and bots to power AI enabled manufacturing systems to make manufacturing processes more efficient, safer and defect free.


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The thermal properties of soil are used by Labelify’s specialists to mark fields. This includes thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity as well as moisture level and specific heat. It helps farmers determine the best crop location.

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Labelify’s experts in data annotation annotate diseased parts of plants. Machine learning algorithms can detect and remove pests and weeds. It assists farmers in reducing the use of herbicides or eliminating them entirely.

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The Labelify teams extract crucial data from aerial imagery of farmlands. This allows artificial intelligence systems to monitor and assess crop health on a per-crop basis, and powers automatic recommendation systems for farmers.

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The Labelify team trains computer vision models by labeling and annotating plants and crops. This allows farmers to concentrate on increasing their overall production yields and reducing repetitive tasks such as harvesting, picking, pruning and seeding.

Vision Inspection

Labelify helps train machine/computer vision models to inspect the objects at various stages of manufacturing processes to ascertain quality standards, and completion and find defects, if any.


Our state-of-the-art annotation solutions help train specialized machines and bots used to transport products and goods across spaces in a manufacturing facility. They can also be machines designed to perform specific manufacturing tasks.


Labelify helps make Visual inspection of processes and workers to ensure the safety of the plant and workers inside.

AI assistant

Virtual (or robots) AI assistants made for specific needs or general purposes that can interact audio-visually with texts. Our expert annotation team helps deliver ground truth data to enable virtual assistants perform various tasks better.

How it works

Simple and Fast

1. Talk to Us

Talk with our team about your data and any customization you may require in your training dataset

2. Free demo & PoC

A free demo will be given and we will compose a Proof of Concept (PoC) to clarify any ambiguities or uncertainties about the project

3. Launch

A dedicated Labelify Manager prepares the timeline and set up the project team by selecting expert annotators who have worked on similar projects before

4. Execute

Microtasks are distributed to a fully managed workforce under the guidance of Labelify Project Manager

5. Delivery

Annotated Data is delivered to the client after completing a triple level quality check process


path planning


The workforce uses path planning (also known as motion planning) to allow autonomous agriculture tractors to find the best path between two points.



Semantic segmentation


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Why Choose Labelify?

Accelerate AI Projects

Quickly develop and improve your AI/ML models to bring your solutions to market faster and gain a competitive advantage.

Make Data Actionable

Rapidly unlock the value of 2-D and 3-D image data from various sources using your preferred tools and methods.

Drive Innovation

Free your data scientists to focus on higher value work by leaving the complex data preparation and annotations to us.

Improve Data Quality

Move your complex LiDAR, orthomosaic, point cloud, and photogrammetry image data over the quality finish line.

Scale Your Operations

From proof of concept to production, tap our proven people, processes, and technology to ramp up to your full potential.

Harness Our Expertise

Our industry training and experience annotating all forms of aerial, UAV, and geospatial images mean you get expert, quality labeling.

Choose a better partner

Our specialist will guide you through key features of our service offering that are relevant to your business.

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